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Kirk Martinsen is the president and owner of KAMBUS. Kambus was incorporated in 2005 after the closure of Metal Manufacturing where he was Electrical Engineering Manager.


Working in the industry since 1972, Kirk has a solid background in drives and controls.  Kirk has numerous certificates of course completions from Allen Bradley in PLC training including remote I/O and networking.   He has also attended a number of Wonderware and Incontrol courses, with follow-up hands-on experience implementing roll grinder control upgrades on reconditioned roll grinders.  This work is accomplished through former affiliation with Metal Manufacturing Company, who reconditioned many types of grinders with full sequence control automation, integrating the RGB Engineering computerized crowner system with their PLC/Wonderware front end workstation. 


Kirk also has previous work experience at USS Gary, working on the startup team for the Q-BOP and 13 blast furnace, as well as many other industrial projects - first PLC boiler & hazardous waste incinerator using PID, batch charging systems, and as maintenance supervisor & project engineer at Owens Corning Fiberglass, he pioneered PLC's with PID loops, boiler controls, and peer networking.


Most of the KAMBUS work centers on the Midwest USA. Work outside the USA includes Mexico, Turkey, India, China, and Australia.